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Writer's prize Kenya 2023

About the writer's prize

Established in 2023, the writer's prize Kenya seeks to empower Kenyan Authors who have made an impact with their published works. The award brings together key stakeholders in the publishing industry that are vested in promoting stories that matter. As a self-published Author you should take a chance at bagging this award because of the countless benefits such as, getting your work on a global stage, getting a trophy. An exclusive distribution deal for your title and last but not least a cash prize of one thousand dollars.

Submit your title here (Deadline April 30th)

Fill in the form below and stand a chance to win one thousand dollars.

A registration fee of 10 dollars (Ksh 1000) applies.

Make payment to the till number: 396781

Include Mpesa confirmation text in the message section of the form.

Once done, message the contact 0757672003 on WhatsApp for directions for drop off of your title.


Thanks for submitting!

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